Shipping Symbols


If you are reading this, you probably couldn’t name all the shipping and handling symbols in the image. We are here to help you stay shipping and handling woke.

Here are some of the most common and not so common but, handy-to-know, shipping and handling symbols:

Glass of wine. YOU WISH!

Actual meaning: Fragile handle with care.

3 things you don’t want to do when you see cargo with this symbol:

  1. Tip Over
  2. Shake
  3. Place at the bottom of load

This symbol is typically associated with any cargo that can be broken easily.

It’s raining outside.

Actual meaning: Keep dry.

This one might be fairly obvious to you but this symbol also is a warning to keep cargo out of humidity. Always keep cargo with the “keep dry” symbol under cover.

Stay North?

Actual meaning: Open here

Plain and simple. Anytime you see cargo with this symbol, it is indicating at which point you are to open the cargo.

Forest City… the best city.

Actual meaning: Top

Cargo with this symbol must always be handled and stored in the direction of the arrows. Typically always facing up.

Freezer isn’t working…

Actual meaning: No stacking

Cargo with this symbol should not be stacked or stacked onto.

You have the temperature set at what?!

Actual meaning: Temperature limitations

Cargo with this symbol has temperature limitations and sometimes you need to act quickly to accommodate the cargo inside.

Looks nice outside!

Actual meaning: Protect from direct sunlight

This cargo needs to me protected from direct sunlight.  Treat this cargo like a vampire.

 Fresh omelettes turn orange?

Actual meaning: Radiation dangerous

Any radiation affects or changes the cargo features, e.g. undeveloped films. Basically you don’t like radiation, well neither does cargo with this symbol.

No playing hockey here.

Actual meaning: No hand-truck here

If you see this symbol on cargo, I’m afraid you have to come up with some other means to move your cargo. If you do not see this symbol on your cargo, feel free to use hand trucks.

I got nothing…

Actual meaning: Clamp here

Although you may not run into this symbol often, it can be very handy to know. When cargo has this symbol, it is indicating the point at which the cargo can be clamped.

Now you can rest assured that next time you run into a box with a shipping label on it, you will know exactly what to do!