About Secured Shipping & Delivery

Early Stages

Secured Shipping and Delivery began from an idea three friends had to create a unique experience for individuals looking to relocate. In 2007, these lifelong friends working in the banking and service industry sought to embark on a new venture. They got together and began brainstorming ideas for ways to stay active, as their current jobs kept them in an office. They eventually arrived at the idea of opening a moving company within London, Ontario. For several months following the inception of “The Movers,” their endeavor produced no profits as the cost of equipment and materials exceeded their revenue. Yet they continued to press forward because they saw the potential in their service. Eventually, they began to earn some profits for their efforts. Shortly following the slight rise in the company’s success, two of the three founding members were accepted into medical school abroad, which forced them to relinquish their positions in the organization.

The Journey

The company has since been restructured and renamed SS&D (Secured Shipping and Delivery). SS&D now has multiple trucks and has expanded its operations to include courier services. Although much of the practices and procedures have been improved upon since its origin, there is still a strong sense of friendship among employees, and an attitude that ensures customers have a fun and unique experience. For example, SS&D is the first moving company to offer the option of placing GoPro cameras on its employees so clients can see exactly what is going on during a move. In addition to engaging the customer, this helps SS&D train new employees, demonstrates SS&D’s commitment to improving service, and shows a dedication to transparency. SS&D asks its customers to relinquish any negative stereotypes they have about movers and trust that SS&D will genuinely do its best to ensure they are happy. SS&D has no hidden fees, no surprise charges, and is sincere in the service it provides. Give SS&D a call for free advice on moving even if you do not plan to use its services; SS&D would like to help in any way it can.

Management Team

Shafic El-Hawari, Shawari@TheMoversCanada.com

Ryan Chedore, Rchedore@TheMoversCanada.com

Employee Connections

The staff at SS&D genuinely enjoy each other’s company. All employees are hired internally, so you can rest assured you will not get a third party company at your door. Employees are chosen based on several factors, exceeding simply being physically capable. They must be friendly and trustworthy. It is important that new hires fit in with the company culture. They must literally trust one another with their lives, so it is important that everyone gets along.