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If you are looking for fast and reliable moving services in the London, Ontario and surrounding areas, trust the professionals at SS&D – The Movers. They have been providing moving services for almost 10 years and they understand the importance of a well-handled move.

Our team of movers can help coordinate your move, and provide the moving services you need to ensure an easy transition to your new location.

How Much Will Movers Cost?

If you’re looking to get an idea of the cost movers, feel free to complete the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible with a detailed pricing breakdown. You can also contact our friendly team by calling 519-852-6683, they can discuss the specifics of your move and provide some insightful recommendations and a clear picture of what would be involved or required for your move. Trust our friendly team of movers to ensure a fast and reliable move in the London, Ontario area.

Your London, Ontario Movers

We know the London, Ontario area well and are experienced in the many types of moves. Whether you’re a student at Fanshawe College or Western University, or a local resident, or business owner, trust a moving company like SS&D to ensure that you get settled in quickly, comfortably and at a low cost.

We can provide moving services and packing supplies, and we can cater the move to best suit your needs. We also ensure that sensitive and delicate items are properly handled, to minimize the chance of damaged items. Whether your move is big or small, there’s no moving project that we cannot accommodate.

Our Moving Services: