How to Choose The Best Moving Company In London, Ontario


Guest Blog: How to Choose The Best Moving Company In London, Ontario

So you’ve got a big move ahead! Maybe you are moving homes or shipping offices to a better venue. The hope is that your move goes as smooth as possible.

The best way you can put your mind at ease is to hire a reputable and trusted moving company. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to your new home or office, only to realize items are missing.

So, how can you ensure you choose the best moving company in London, Ontario?

Let’s dive straight in!


Ask Your Friends For Recommendations

Knowing someone with first-hand experience with a moving company helps. Did they have a good experience? Any problems? No? Get the company’s name. Find out if they offer the services you need.

If you don’t know any friends that have moved recently, do your research. Either way, you should probably check up on the company. What kind of reviews do they have? Credentials? Insurance? Experience? Find out how long they have been in business. You want someone reliable and who has done more than a handful of moves.

Call Around First

Narrow down your search to 2-3 companies. Call and get estimates. When you call, you will also get a feel for the company – are they friendly and respectful? Again, ask what services they offer and what is included.

Some companies offer packing fees. However, if you don’t want or need these, make it clear. You can save money this way. Plus, you can likely find boxes and the like at your nearby grocery or department store – they get shipments in daily. Call ahead and ask if they can hold some of the boxes for you before they break them down and throw them in recycling.

Get an In-Person Estimate

Once you have narrowed down your company, they should come and do a face-to-face estimate. They will have to see your items and what needs to be moved to determine the cost. Make sure to point out what you won’t be taking with you (Are you throwing away items? Are there things that won’t be in the room come move time?). And in no way should you pay before your move. Payment is expected on delivery.

Make Sure To Take Inventory

Have you have lost items in a move before? Keeping an inventory is essential to ensure your items don’t get lost or misplaced. Plus, it gives the movers and you something to look at and check upon delivery.

Now, you are set and ready to choose your moving company and your move date. For a reliable moving service in London, Ontario, contact SS&D Movers. Make sure to check them out on Google and see what their past customers have to say. You won’t find better movers in all of London.

At SS&D Movers, they understand that moves can be stressful. They aim to decrease your stress and give you a peace of mind.




Kurtis Forster is a real estate agent for Team Forster in London, Ontario. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate. Their team focuses on LondonSt. ThomasDorchester & surrounding areas.