Lawn Care Tips For New Homeowners

If you are a first time homeowner, it may also be your first time dealing with a full-blown yard. The extra outdoor space is great, providing another ideal spot to host gatherings and make new memories. However, along with the yard comes the maintenance.


Perhaps it’s your first time caring for a lawn. Or maybe you are a tad overwhelmed by the amount of maintenance your new home requires. Don’t panic. We have the top lawn care tips to help you adjust and take care of your new lawn!


#1: Mowing Basics


Always make sure your mowing blades are sharp. It prevents damage to your lawn and keeps it looking great. Mow your lawn at a height of 2.5 – 3.5 inches (you will need to adjust the blades of your mower to do so. Check out your instruction manual for a quick how-to.).


#2: Watering 101


Water your lawn at least once a week. Make sure the water goes about 1 – 1.5 inches deep. This will encourage a healthy and flourishing lawn. On the other hand, make sure to not go overboard. Over-watering can do more damage than good. One last watering tip – aim to water your yard in the morning. They’ll be less sun that causes the water to evaporate. This means more water will seep into the soil. A great investment in watering your lawn is installing an irrigation system. An automatic sprinkler system ensures your grass gets the exact amount of water at the perfect time of the day, saving you time and money.


#3: Test Your Soil


Testing your soil can help you determine what nutrients your lawn needs. This becomes important when choosing a fertilizer. It can help you find the right type and find out what your lawn is missing. Buy a soil testing kit and determine what your lawn needs.


#4: Spring Clean-up


Every spring, get into the habit of de-weeding, pulling up dead flowers, and cleaning up old leaves. Add mulch every spring to help clean up and define your garden. Mulch also helps keep the soil moist and makes your garden resistant to weeds. You’ll be the envy of your neighbours!


#5: Learn About Aeration


Do it yourself or hire a company. Aeration allows your lawn to breath. It also increases fertilization effectiveness and creates strong roots. Get it done in the fall or during a drought to help keep your lawn healthy. At the very least, aerate your lawn on an annual basis.


When all else fails, call in thepros (many local companies offer lawn services, including mowing, aeration, irrigation and fertilizing). Or ask an expert at your local garden place. Owning a lawn doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. You just need the right knowledge and tools to take care of it!



Trevor Lively, CIC, 

CLIA, CIT, CCC is the general manager of Blue Jay Irrigation in London, Ontario. Trevor has been working in the irrigation industry for 19 years. Blue Jay provides sprinkler system installations & maintenance, landscape lighting and more .