Making your new House your Home

Often when moving, individuals tend to focus on simply getting all the items from their exiting location to their new location. They make arrangements for weeks or even months. They book movers, they pack their belongings and they head off to their new residence. But, how do you turn your new residence into a place that feels like your home. Below are a few tips that will make one of the most stressful times in your life a little more comfortable.

Recalling the layout

When individuals move they often empty there drawers, cabinets, cupboards, closets and pretty much everything that holds their items. Before you move make sure you remember the layout of where your items are. The best way to do this is by taking pictures. First take pictures of the general layout of your existing location. This will help you remember what goes where on moving day, as likely you will have many distractions.

The second step is to take pictures of the content inside your drawers, cabinets, cupboards, closets etc… Even though you may have a different layout in your new home your memory will likely recall where items such as silverware are in proximity to your oven, sink, stove fridge etc… It is also important to remember the arrangement of content inside your dressers and closets. An easy way to remember where items go is by labeling your boxes in accordance with which drawer or section of the closet they are currently in. Try and use acronyms to help you when you do this. For example (The, Master Bedroom Top Dresser Drawer can be, “MBT1”) This will make unloading a breeze.

Keeping Sentimental Items

It is often the case that when people move they get new furniture and new decorations. Another tip to making your new house feel like a home is by making sure you keep at least a few items that have some sentimental value, even if it’s just for the first few months after the move. This way you get a chance to acclimate to your new house and then slowly replace your items. It also helps save some money and time, which is always an issue come moving day due to unexpected expenses.

Keeping it Classic

Finally, to ensure that you feel comfortable in your new house you may want to dedicate an area that is to be kept exactly the same as it once was. This can be the patio, a section of the basement, a single room, or any place that will make you feel safe and comfortable. This is important because moving is stressful and the last thing anyone wants is to buy new furniture and be less comfortable then they were before they made the changes. Having a safe familiar area will ensure that you feel at home in your new home.