Moving Supplies in London, Ontario

A move requires a great deal of cardboard boxes which can sometimes be hard to find. We can ensure that you have all the moving boxes and moving supplies you might need for your next move. At SS&D: The Movers, we understand what is needed to ensure a smooth and organized move and we can provide you with the best supplies to do so. Whether you’ll be moving around the corner, across the country or to a new business location, we have all the supplies required to keep everything secure.

Moving Boxes


We have a great selection of sturdy and reliable moving boxes in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Our selection of cardboard boxes means we will always have the right box for every unique item in your home. We can also make custom-made boxes for those hard-to-fit items.


Bin Rentals

Plastic bins are an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional cardboard moving boxes. These sturdy and secure boxes are great for transporting delicate items, can stand-up against the elements and are ideal for both large and smaller moves.

Book Carts

To facilitate a large corporate or commercial move, we can provide handy book carts. These are great for transporting sets of documents, books, files and large banker boxes.

Moving Supplies

An efficient and organized move requires packing supplies to ensure that everything is properly packed and secure. In addition to our extensive moving services, we carry all the packing supplies you’ll need to store your belongings for your move, and unpack them quickly and easily.

  • Plastic Wrap
  • Packing Tape
  • Bubble Wrap

For moving services as well as all the packing supplies you might need for your next move, call us at 519-852-6683. Trust our team at SS&D: The Movers to make sure you have everything you need for a stress-free move.