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Shipping Symbols

  If you are reading this, you probably couldn’t name all the shipping and handling symbols in the image. We are here to help you stay shipping and handling woke. Here are some of the most common and not so common but, handy-to-know, shipping and handling symbols: Glass of wine. YOU WISH! Actual meaning: Fragile handle with care. 3 things you don’t want to do when you see cargo with this symbol: Tip Over Shake Place at the bottom of load This symbol is typically associated with any cargo that can be broken easily. It’s raining outside. Actual meaning: Keep….   Read More

Moving is the Perfect Excuse to Declutter

If you are like most of us, it is easy to hold onto things for later, just in case you will find some use for them. This is the perfect way to fill up every available space with, to put it nicely, junk. However, if you have been putting off decluttering until you have the time, this time may never come, unless you are moving house. This is the perfect time to say goodbye to items you have collected over the years that really should go. Deciding What Is Not Moving With You When you are preparing for the move,….   Read More

Making your new House your Home

Often when moving, individuals tend to focus on simply getting all the items from their exiting location to their new location. They make arrangements for weeks or even months. They book movers, they pack their belongings and they head off to their new residence. But, how do you turn your new residence into a place that feels like your home. Below are a few tips that will make one of the most stressful times in your life a little more comfortable. Recalling the layout When individuals move they often empty there drawers, cabinets, cupboards, closets and pretty much everything that….   Read More