News at Secured Shipment & Delivery

We are currently working on a number of projects and expansions to enhance our services. Below, you will find a brief description of the projects we are working on and have begun to implement. If you are interested in any of the services or have questions about them, please do not hesitate to ask an SS&D representative for more information.

Projects & Expansions

GoPro Cameras

SS&D is the first and only moving company that has adopted GoPro cameras as a means of providing transparency, and as an efficient way of training future employees. The GoPro cameras are optional, and can be used on the majority of moves. The cameras are strapped to the head or chest of the employees as they complete the move, filming the crew’s movements as they pack, load, and unload the client’s belongings.

Safety Box

Located in the SS&D moving truck is a newly developed and custom built safety box which is lined in a soft fabric. The box has been designed to hold fragile artwork and flatscreen TVs, among other things, as they are being relocated. The box has been designed to reduce any risk of damage to the items while allowing for more space within the trucks. The safety boxes are still in the process of being implemented into all of the moving trucks, however, they have been a great success thus far.

Courier Services

SS&D has currently expanded operations to include a courier service. We have recently began working within the Brantford, Norfolk, Simcoe, and Haldimand county areas. Currently the courier service is reserved for long-term contracts between businesses, however, in the future this service may be extended to include short-term jobs for individual clients.

Storage Bins

SS&D is currently in the process of implementing rent-a-bins, which will allow SS&D’s customers to rent out bins to store their items as they relocate. The parameters have not been established regarding the number of days or the cost, however, the service will reduce waste by eliminating cardboard boxes. The service will also make relocating much easier, by means of bins that are uniform in shape, and thus easy to store and pack.

Realtor Collaboration

SS&D is currently discussing the potential for collaboration with local realtors, with the aim of improving the offerings and services of both parties, and the value extended to clients.