How long will the move take?

The time it takes to complete a move depends on many factors. Some of those factors include:
• Where the items are being moved from, and to. (Apartments, Walk-ups, Houses)
• How well prepared are the items? (Are they disassembled, are they well packed etc.)
• What is the weather like that day? (Is it snowing, raining, or sunny)
• Are the access points clear? (Often new homes have unfinished driveways)
• How many individuals will be assisting in the move? (Sometimes friends and family members like to help, which may reduce the overall time.)
• Where are the items being relocated? (Are they going across town, or right next door?)
• And many other factors.
Fortunately, an SS&D representative can help determine how these factors will affect the time. They can also direct customers to our online blog articles which will help facilitate the move by giving great tips on reducing the overall time and cost.